Signature Tumbler & Heat Press


 Heat Press and 35oz Tumbler Press bundle set. 


1. 16x24 Clamshell Pull-out Heat Press. ✅

2. Plug Directly into the wall. ✅

3. Grip pads on both sides. ✅

4.No rotation on 20oz Skinny straight Tumblers✅

5. Perfect Press 50sec or less ✅

6. Tethalon paper attached to top of machine ✅️

7. 100% table Pull-out Heat press ✅️






Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jodi Davis
Absolutely beyond impressed!!!

I bought the tumbler press and heat press! I already had another of each from other companies but these by far are better! I wish I had these first! Learn from my mistake! These are well worth the $$! And her group is a wealth of information! Customer for life! Sending Peace & Love!

Nicole Thompson
Heat Press Tumbler Press Combo

The Press is amazing and the shipping was in a timely manner.

Christina Pannell
Life Changing Tumbler Press

First of all J'nissi's press is so durable. It’s easy to use, it heats up very fast and easily adjustable depending on your cup size. I disliked using the oven before this. I could never get a consistent temperature. My oven was one of the best ones too. I would have to rotate in the oven because it had hot spots and I always had ghosting. This is press has helped grow my business because I can produce the cups so much quicker.

ADA White

Love it! Great product, easy to use, save time, great results! Great investment !!!

Tonya Sims
Signature Tumbler and Heat Press

This machine is awesome! You can tell that it was made from the ❤. I absolutely love it

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